Jinan Longhao Hydraulic Machinery Co.,Ltd ( former Jinan Lifting Equipment plant ) was founded in early 2008 and the registered capital was 20.00 million. The company has a highly efficient team of 150 people, including technical staff of 30 people , sale & after-sale service teams more than 20 people ,Product Quality Administrator of 15 people and senior technical workers more than 80 people.Now we are the professional hydraulic lift factory on Top 10 Brand list in China,Our factory is China lift platform country recommended brand.
Our company’s trademark is “XINGLONGHAO” and product are made according to “ Mechanical Industries Standard of P.R.of China ”. All the products are insured by Chinese people ‘s insurance company.
Our main product include mobile scissor lift platform , scissor type hydraulic cargo lift platform , hydraulic loading platform , hydraulic lift stage , stationary hydraulic dock leveler , mobile hydraulic dock leveler , telescopic cylinder lifting platform ,aluminum alloy lifting platform , Vehicle mounted hydraulic lifting platform, Vehicle mounted articulated aerial working platform , self-propelled hydraulic lift and The national leading technical level and production technology of guide rail hydraulic cargo lift , which are widely used in aerial operation and transportation of the cargo between layers on the production line such as building inner fitting up, workshop, stations & port ,supermarket lobby .Company product covered Health, sanitation, factories and mines, education, scientific research, such as lifting the industry more than 20 kinds of varieties of specifications of the productsCan fully meet the various needs of the different customer team on the lifting platform, breaking the foreign hydraulic lifts technical monopoly, and seeks to win wide popularity and influence in the international arena.
Perfect technicians team:
Jinan Longhao Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd is one of the most professional manufuacturer of Hydraulic lift, though many years of study and development, we diposited abundant professional technology and experiences, created high quality products, and we have already got the ISO Quality System Certificate.
Perfect Location:
We located in the very beautiful Jinan City, who has the name of “Spring water city”, the capital of Shandong Province. Our plant is in North Jinan Development Zone, there are 5 express ways passing by, which makes the transportation very convenient and brings big opportunities for the company development.
Complete product series:
For so many years, we are paying attention to the study and development of hydraulic lifts, innovating our products, and now we have 8 series and more than 60 products, mainly included: SJY Aeroical Operation Platform, SJG stationary cargo lift, SJZ, SJC Vehicle-carry lift, DCQ, DCQY hydraulic yard ramp, Telescopic aerial operation platform, folding arm aerial operation table, Al-alloy post lift etc, we can also provide the whole, effective and safe cargo lifting plan.
High quality products::
All out products meet the standard of JB/T 9229.1-9229.3-1999. High qualitied product is the foundation of enterprise development, we exam every step of production and at the same, all our spare parts are from the best company, we can also use imported parts according to customers’s requests. We aware that improving the quality of products constantly is the only to meet the customer’d requests, and so that develop our enterprise.
Good Enterprise credit:
"Credit" is the passbook for us to enter the world market, we treat it as our veins. From our foundation, “Credit” is always our best namecard and get the appreciation of the customers.
Perfect after sales service:
Good after sales service is very inportant for a company’s survive, our company treat “Quality is the foundation, Service first” as our company’s priciple. If you order our products, whatever where you are, we will send our technicians to you to serve yuou, because your satisfaction is the best award to us.