Customer Training
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Application instruction
(1) Before operation with load, the lift should be operated without load once, after checking, it can take the operation with load.
(2) The following items should be checked: Hydraulic loop, electric system, hydraulic tubes, connections should be well vacuumed and no leak, no naked wires and no loosen on the electric loop.
(3) Please try best to put the load in the center of the platform.
(1)Climbing and shocking are forbidden when platform is on the program of lifting.
(2) Maintenance should be carry out only after the platform lifted and firmly stopped.
(3) Any overload is forbidden.
(4) The hydraulic oil should be clean, water and other dust is forbidden mixed in, oil should be replaced once a year, winter take No. N32 oil, summer, No. N46.
(5) Any failure happens, power should be cut immediately.
(6) Platform is forbidden to operate if something wrong, unprofessionals should not uninstall, adjust the hydraulic valves and electric parts.
(7) There should be enough space for platform lifting, and check if there is obstacles on electric and hydraulic loop, so to avoid power off or hydraulic tube broken.
(1) The platform should be checked every week or every month according to the usage frequency.
a. Check if there are bearings, bolts and nuts loosen or lost.
b. Check if there are hydraulic tubes, connections leaked or loosen.
c. Check if there is wire not well connected or naked.
d. Check if there are connections in control panel loosen, indication lights work normal.
e. Check electric and hydraulic valve joy sticks, buttons are in good condition.
f. Check if upper and beneath limit switches are loosen or damaged.
h. Check the condition of the bearings, if necessary, please charge enough lubes.
i. Keep upper and beneath slider in good lubrication as well as the rail wheels, wheels and slider should not rub without lube.
(2) Keep pit clean, water or other dusts are forbidden.