Technical Services
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Taken the service spirit of "depending on the customer's time is more precious than gold
Required for the sake of users, the service personnel time timely solve the problems existing in the equipment, understanding the reason users' time is money.Long Hao service, which is based on offices across the country, forming perfect after-sales service network, equipped with adequate after-sales service technical force, development, production, sales and other departments within the company priority to meet service requirements, to ensure that the implementation of the service spirit.If equipment failure, Long Hao (phone or fax) after-sales service notice, after 2 hours to respond to the buyer.To the buyer can't solve the problem, arrived at buyer's site within 48 hours and troubleshooting.
Service tenet of "create value for customers"
Users to buy Long Hao products clearly, after is product benefits and value for him.This requires service personnel with comprehensive service ability, through our service guide users grasp the use, maintenance, construction, maintenance, such as ability, which provide guarantee for the user's work, interest and value.
Taken the service motto of "Long Hao service, everywhere"
Users feel Long Hao service, is an ever-present, everywhere.
Service aims to "take the customer as the center, implementation of overtime and premium services"
Around the customers, Long Hao service for customer training, technical advice, customer visits, key project characteristic service, etc., let the customer feel not just bought a product, but purchased, of a complete set of perfect service.
Taken the service request "concise, all-round, active and timely"
Eight requirements for service personnel to ensure that the initiative to contact the customer, with the fastest speed, the best way to the scene, the implementation of comprehensive, timely and efficient service, to win time and create benefits for the user.The content of the service request, is the service spirit, purpose, slogan, and goals.