How to Choose Mobile Dock Ramp ?
Published:2015-12-26 Read: 581 times
1. Incline Ramp, if this parts is short, forklift up to ramp is not easy, because the big grade. Morn mobile dock ramp incline ramp is 8500mm. Forklift easy grade up.
2. Platform: After forlift up to ramp top height and stop, if platform is short, forklift is not easy parking. Mobile dock leveler platform lenght is 2.5m
3. Steel grid mesh: To guarantee the platform use life longer.Mobile dock ramp load capacity more than 10t, the mesh need to be solid kind, have you pay attention on it?
4. Fixed chain: During forlift working, the ramp may be move small, how to fixed the ramp well? Morn engineers desing Chain and fixed it on the truck. During forklift working, don’t worry the ramp move.

Now, Dock ramp is really simply machine, and some detailes need pay attention on it.Any question, contact Mus. Thanks.