How To Maintain And Repair Hydraulic Lift
Published:2016-12-02 Read: 444 times

    Lift Like other mechanical equipment  need daily maintenance and rapairing , maintenance suggestions for factory production of "Xin Long Hao" brand elevator to do according to the following requirements, special types of customized products need to contact our factory technical department.

    Under normal circumstances, the elevator should be trained by the person in charge of the operation and daily maintenance work. Hydraulic oil every six months to replace once. Winter with 32 anti wear hydraulic oil, summer with 46 anti wear hydraulic oil. When the equipment is not used, should be properly stored, to increase the dust cover, and propped up the legs, is strictly prohibited outdoor storage. According to the frequency of the platform, once a week or once a year to check and maintain.

     (1) Check each link of the platform in pin nut loose, fall off

     (2) Check whether there is any broken on hydraulic pipeline, the joint presence of oil, loose

     (3) Look for empty pick up, bare electrical lines

     (4) Check the electrical and hydraulic valve block control handle, button operation is flexible

     (5) Check whether there is any looseness on platform, limit switch, damage

     (6) Viewing platform support pin shaft and cylinder pin lubrication condition, inject enough lubricating oil when necessary

     (7) Keep platforms, glide path, and guide and guide wheel in the lubrication state, often roller and ramp may not appear dry friction

     Maintenance and repair precautions

     (1) When operation, the platform should be kept horizontal.

     (2)During lifting or dropping of the platform, any one is forbidden to climb it.

     (3)No operation if the riggers are not firmly on the ground.

     (4)No movement if the platform lifts.

     (5)Overload, over height are forbidden.

     (6)Cargo is forbidden to move during the course of lifting and drop.

     (7)People is forbidden to move and shake during the course of lifting and drop.

     (8)The hydraulic oil should keep clean, and prevent dust into that.

     (9)If there is failure, please cut off power first, then check and repair.

     (10)Operation with failure is forbidden, unprofessional person is forbidden to uninstall hydraulic and electric parts.

     (11) If repair is necessary, please lift the platform and support it firmly, then, check and repair.

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