Hydraulic Lift Table Maintenance
Published:2017-03-10 Read: 366 times

Hydraulic Lift Table Maintenance

•Check all safety devices on unit, such as up/down limits, door switches, pressure relief valves, etc
•Clean all debris from the pit or from the vicinity of floor mounted units in order to avoid interference with the hydraulic lift table mechanism or rollers
•Check for presence and proper setting of all snap rings and clips on axles, cylinders and rollers
•Check rollers, pins and bushings for any signs of wear such as flat spots, missing fasteners, or dislodged bearing material
•Inspect all welds under and around the hydraulic lift table for fatigue or failure Particularly, inspect the structural welds
•Check the hydraulic fittings for cracks or leaks and clean up any seepage on or beneath the cylinders
•Check hoses and electrical lines for abrasions or other abuse and check for snug connectors
•Semi-annually, change hydraulic fluid in cylinders
•Check general condition of the lift Operate the hydraulic lift table after service
•Check for any abnormal noise or vibrations
•List any items requiring replacement or repair