Loading ramps
Published:2017-07-28 Read: 335 times

                                                               Loading ramps for sale-10t

-This loading ramp is best suited for loading and unloading goods from acontainer, truck, warehouse, or logistics center.
-It can easily be operated by one person, saving time and money.
-Option of manual or electricpower.
-The standard size available forthis forklift ramp is 2.08m wide by 11m long, with anadjustable height range of 0.9m to 1.8m. It is also easy to design and producea custom model suited to your needs.
-The guardrail is designed with a triangular structure for more stability and uniform application of stress.
-Attached chain can be used foradded stability.
-Both the forklift suspensiveboard and floor have anti-skid plates.


This ramp comes with two solid iron blocks to stabilize the wheels in case ther ramp begins to move while working. In addition, the forklift suspensive board and the platform are designed with checkered plates, which help prevent skidding and make loading and unloading more smooth. Finally, the guardrail’striangle design provides for extra stability and support.