Fixed hydraulic lifting stage from Longhao Company
Published:2017-08-25 Read: 356 times

   The fixed hydraulic lifting stage is mainly made of scissors structure, and hydraulic lift is one of the most widely used equipment in stage machinery. In the professional opera and dance theatre, theatre, are equipped with a large number of various types of hydraulic lifting stage, even in some theatre based on the turntable, drum turntable is also equipped with different specifications of single fork or fork scissor lift. Many famous international music halls are equipped with a stage for Orchestra, chorus or large musical instruments.
     The lifting stage can be made according to the customer's locale or data provided, and can be divided into single shear fork lift, double shear fork lift, multi shear fork type and double span elevator according to the elevation. According to the load weight, the corresponding size of the wall thickness of the rectangular pipe bracket; the hydraulic pump station flow the corresponding size power unit; cylinder bore size corresponding to the size of power carrier. According to the frequency used, it is possible to change the oil free self-lubricating copper sleeve and the corresponding fittings.
     In short, Seiko products from the Longhao! Customized stage, large-scale stage, super large stage, linkage stage, large tonnage stage, etc.Jinan Longhao Hydraulic Macchinery will help you sove it .