Scissor lift
Published:2017-09-29 Read: 304 times

                                                           Scissor lift become more popular

Mobile scissor lift is widely used for plant,stations,terminals, sports arenas, such as tall buildings of the high-altitude equipment installation,intermarry ­Lance and cleaning Health. And mobile man lift is very easy to operate and use. It become more and more popular. Especially, mini mobile scissor lift.
Here let me show the 4m mobile scissor lift detail to you.

  1.Supporting legs: The customer need to open the supporting legs when he use the hydraulic mobile scissor lift. The four outriggers to ensure the mobile scissor lift stability.
  2.Pneumatic tires: The pneumatic Wheels is very durable. And it can reduce drag when people trail the mobile scissor lift.
  3.Control panel: It make the lift become more convenient to operate. People can control the lift when he is on the lift platform.
  4.Handle: The 4m mobile scissor lift self weight is only 500kg. People can easy to trail it by handle.
  5.Guardrail: The guardrail ensure the safety of the people when he work on the platform.