self-propelled scissor lift
Published:2017-10-20 Read: 364 times

                                                              Self-propelled scissor lift
  Self propelled scissor lift with lifting and moving power battery, worker could drive the lift at front. Control lift up and down at top platform.

With the function of vertical lift and platform extension, self propelled scissor lift is suitable for indoor and outdoor environment and is widely used for the maintenance, equipment installations at construction sites, workshops, airports, power industry, etc.

  Scissor structure guarantees stable lifting, and one-person operation improves the efficiency.
1.Folding guardrails conforms with international safety standard, which can effectively protect the safety of high-altitude operation.
2.The operator can control the movement, lifting and descending to realize continuous operation at high altitudes.
3.Installed with emergency stop which to protect personal safety.