Hydraulic lift maintenance
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The provisions of the maintenance time

1. Daily maintenance should be keeped on.

2. After 1500 hours working time, simple repairs on mechanical and electrical system.

3. After 5000 hours working time, appropriate repairs on mechanical, electrical system .

4. After 10000 hours working time, carry on the overhaul to the machinery, especially on the mechanical and electrical system.

Maintenance of the equipment

1.Regularly check to the brake and adjustment to the brake shoe and brake wheelclearance, to ensure reliable and flexible. In the friction surface, no havedirt, gasoline or thinner wash.

2.Each part such as the gear box, gear, lubrication and hydraulic oil were performed according to the lubrication chart of requirements.

3.Pay attention to the wire rope,check it whether breakage and loose strandphenomenon or not. If it is inconformity to the relevant provisions, it must be immediately replaced.The maintenance of wire rope should be in strict accordance with GB5144-85 regulations.

4.Regularly check on the connection of each part, such as a loose should be tightened.The body of connecting bolts should be in the pressure check tightness (rotating arm method can be used to receive the compression), a little shaft all connections must be split, and need to fully open.

5.Regular inspection agencies is functioning properly, to ensure there is no noise, promptly remove the dangerous problem.

6.Pay attention to ensure the center line rotary reducer and gear is parallel to the central line when installation, disassembly and adjustment of rotary mechanism and the engaging surface of not less than 70%, the meshing clearance should be suitable for.

7.Regular check on all wire to ensure the cable is far away injury. To timely dressing and replaced with a damaged part.

8.Stop timely and do some troubleshooting when the motor is overheat. The motor bearing lubrication to good.

9.The contact surface of the brush should be kept clean, adjust the brush pressure, the contact area of not less than 50%.

10.keep the control box, distribution box be clean,  clean the dust on electrical equipment timely.

11.Contact travel switch of the safety device for opening and closing must be reliable,contact arc pit should be polished.