Why Need the Hydraulic Cargo Lift ?
Published:2017-11-10 Read: 484 times

   If you have a warehouse, will you have a headache for the loading and unloading of the goods? How fast, efficient, safe and without any losses to transport a few tons of goods from ground floor to a higher level? At this point, you must need a Longhao warehouse cargo lift.

1.Efficiency is life, time is money

As long as there is electricity, our warehouse cargo lift can run. The speed is 4-6m per minute, which means that you only need a few minutes to complete the transport of the goods. Such efficient and convenient cargo lifts have become the customers’ first choice around the world. The following is the feedback diagram of UAE customer warehouse.

2. Reduce operating and labor costs

Only need one or two operators to press the up or down button to operate the machine and then complete the loading and unloading work, which greatly reduced labor costs.

3. The service life of the machine is more than 10 years

As long as to do maintenance work on a regular basis, and in accordance with the operating manual to operate properly, our lifts can service more than 10 years. You only need a very short time to recover the purchase cost of the machine.

4. There is no hidden danger of the machine

     In order to prevent the occurrence of security incidents, we designed a number of safety devices. For example:
(1) Emergency decline valve. What are you going to do If the power supply is suddenly cut off, meanwhile the machine stopped in midair? Do not worry, turn the emergency decline valve counterclockwise, the machine will drop safely.
(2) Safety steel mesh enclosure. Only when the door is closed, can the machine run normally. In the course of operation, the door can not open from outside.

     If you have any interest about warehouse cargo lift or any other special requirements after read this article, please contact us. We will offer you best service and solution.