Mobile dock ramp operation instructions
Published:2015-11-04 Read: 535 times
Safety operation instructions for mobile dock ramp

As we all know, mobile dock ramp is very easily operated, as it is manual powered. But there are still some safety instructions to be followed. Let's see how to operate a mobile container ramp correctly and safely:

1. While working, keep the mobile dock ramp smooth and stable. The chains should be fixed with the vehicle firmly first and  it is better make sure limited travelling speed within 3km/h.
2.  In case of falling down and thus cause injury, all personnel are strictly forbidden to climb up the ramp.
3.  Prohibit non-super load operation in the course of working.
4.  Hydraulic oil should be kept clean and must not be mixed with the water and other impurities. Hydraulicoil should be replaced once per annum, in winter using N32# anti-wear hydraulicoil, and in summer N46# anti-wear hydraulic oil.

5.  When dock ramp fails to work, please stop operation immediately and remove failures according to user manual.