Scissor lift for sale
Published:2016-10-21 Read: 847 times

Recently set scissor lift for sale has been shipped to client.After powder coated painting, finished color looks very beautiful.


Here we would like to show more details about scissor lift, please check below:
1. Generally we will send 1m or 1.2m hieght guide rail when lift delivery; 
2. Our quality dep & sale person will go to factory for quality inspection & load test before delivery;
3. Safety work load notice & warn notice will be showed on the platform or structure;
4. After technology improved, we can make self height adjusted according to customer requirement;
5. There are 2 control devices: control box on the ground and control handle on the platform,
the control handle is anti-water & beautiful;
6. The maintenance hole is made vertically from the pump station, which is very convenient for maintenance;