Hydrulic stage lift platform
Published:2015-04-15 Read: 978 times

Hydrulic stage lift platform

Hydraulic lifting stage is the most popular equipment for the mechanical stage, widely used in all kinds of theater, opera house. In some rotatable stage, there are also different types of lifting platform or lifting tables. In many international famous odeum, there are lifting stages for the bands, chorus and big music instructments. In some small theater, to realize the varities of the stage, there are full of lifting devices under the stage.
Lifting stage characters:
1.The reasonable design fits the high frequent and continuous operation.
2.Stable lifting, to meet the requests of heavy cargo stable lifting.
3.There are safe devices for protecting the hydraulic system from over loading.
4.The platform roller, ball bearing, turntable can be selected, so to meet the different inquirement of the customer. 

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