Power system
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Hydraulic driving unit

Series LH hydraulic driving unit, is a kind of hydraulic pump station with small integration modlues. It is formed by motor, oil pump, integration value, outside value, hydraulic valve and all kinds of associated parts ( such as accumulator). Compared with normal hydraulic pump station, it is smaller, lighter, smarter, higer effective, better reliability, more beautiful, costless etc. The product has been widely used in vehicle project, car-maintenance equipments, machine tools, warehouse, medical equipments and production line control etc, and been widely accepted by more and more designers.

Series LH hydraulic driving unit, can be normal or designed according to customers’ requests. The shell is made of aluminium, casing aluminium modlues. The power is from 1.1 to 11Kw, system pressure is 0-21Mpa, droping speed can be adjusted, can be stand or lie installed, the oil box can be round or square to mee the requests from different customers. 

Hydraulic oil cyclinder

Seal Ring  :  Valqua  , Japan  ( it can extend the lift of the 2-3 times )